Safety Measures and Landing

Atmosfer Cappadocia Balloons

Safety Measures and Landing

How safe is the balloon?
Hot-air balloon is one of safest ways of flying. Serious accidents happen very rarely.

How high does the balloon fly?
Our balloons can get as high as 750 meters. However, we prefer to keep the vehicle nearer to the ground to maximise the guests’ delight. At lower heights, it is easier to enjoy the details of the environment.

What happens when the burner gets off?
First we try restart it. If not possible we replace it. At the worst case, we will sink to the level at the speed of a parachute.

What happens when a bird crashes into the balloon?
Usually, the birds fly away when they recognize a balloon, since the balloons are quite big. The envelopes are produced from a resistant material and even if a bird crashes on the surface of the envelope, it is bounced back. Balloon producers test the envelopes under risky conditions and it is ensured that the balloons can continue to fly even if the envelope has a big hole on it.

How long does it take to fill in the envelope with air?
An experienced land-team can prepare the envelope for the flight within 15 minutes. It takes the same amount of time to deflate and pack it after the flight.


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